Opening the door of a Saab (the only key lost!)

It would be very helpful to know how to open the door of a Saab when one has lost the one key in one’s possession.

My friend’s husband has gone to local Saab car dealers, to AAA, and even has driven 100 miles to San Francisco to check with the (perhaps) more knowledgeable dealers there only to be told again that, because SAAB is the most secure car built, and most sophisticated in its design in this respect, it is virtually impossible to get into the car if the kep is lost. The husband of my friend is currently keeping the car, but, of course, not driving it!

Has anyone else had a similar situation and

a helpful suggestion to offer?

See the replies on second page of Questions. A woman called into Show #806 with same problem and the answers may help you.

Time to break least expensive window and change locks. Its always a good idea to record the key code number for non-electronic keys in several different places.

What good will it do to open the door if you have no key to start it anyway?

Should be a reminder to everyone with new key systems! I bought a repo Ford with only one PATS key. You can get spare keys on ebay for about $10 and program them yourself, but only if you have two keys already. To get the second key programmed I had to go to the dealer and pay $87. After that I could program additional ones myself. Needless to say, I made a couple extra so that wouldn’t happen again and keep a spare hidden in the vehicle.

That should teach you to buy American. I just went to the dealer and got a key made from the VIN number for my Ford and Dodge.

tow it some place were cars got stollen alot wait untill a car thief gets door open then thank him. did you try a slim jim tool. call lock smith he might be able to get it open then peplace the locks remember if the trunk has the same key keep old key for trunk.