Keyless entry problem

I installed a Commando KE-30 keyless entry around 2 years ago and have had it “act up” every once in a while. The door locks will activate either opening or closing, or opening then closing again. It would appear the system is picking up a signal. The documentation that came with the device is weak with nothing on trouble shooting. Can this problem be addressed?


Are all door lock relays internal to the reciever (this signifies a better quality unit)? I would supect some type of “feedback” signal (that is one that is not wanted) did you take you door sinals from the BCM? did you isolate with diodes? did the instructions mention it?

My major alarm I installed was from Code Alarm (manufactured recommended for Dealer installed option). Code Alarm always gave instructions to isolate each door signal (with a diode) when takings signals off a BCM.

I have seen odd activations when the shock sensor picks up door closings.

Are you set for “automatic arming”

I guess I could ask if this is keyless entry only or is it tied to an alarm?

Thank you for your response. I do not have it connected to an alarm system. This is an older car (1991). The directions to install were very poor, but I think I got them connect correctly (but I am not much with electrical anything). There is no mention of BCM in the direction, nor can I find a reference in the Haynes manual.

I suspect no BCM in a 1991 Toyota Corrolla (but I have been wrong before about which car does or does not have a BCM) so I would concentrate on the connection that says the door is open (dome light)

Really what I would do to trouble shoot this is install a known good keyless module, this is probably an option you don’t have. You could be dealing with a module failure, or an installation error 50/50