Intermittent Keyless Entry Problem

2000 Honda Accord EX 4dr Vtec 6

The electronic key fob (spare as well) intermittently fail to function and lock/unlock doors and open trunk; must be done manually. I tried both key fobs with same result. If it were a battery issue within the fob, it would seem logical that it would most likely not happen to both at the same time (especially since one gets much more use).

Also when the right and left signals are engaged, a quick clicking is initially heard before it seems to “kick” in. I verified that the forward and rear signals (left/right) are functioning and they are (lights blink normally).

Are these two issues related? Is it a fuse/breaker issue or something more serious?

As no body has responded, it must be a good one for “Stump the Chumps”!

I think that the issues are unrelated. For the turn signals, I think you have a bad flasher module. Usually these are located under the dash or it may be on the fuse box. Some cars have two–one for turn signals and one for the hazards, so you want to make sure you have the right one. This should be an under $20 fix, even if you have an electronic flasher.

For the keyless entry, it sounds like the keyless entry receiver may have a bad connection or be failing. I have no idea where they stuck this item on your Honda. A factory service manual would be a big help here. If it was a fuse issue, the keyless entry wouldn’t work at all, instead of being intermittent.

The intermittent keyless entry problem happened to me once and within a couple of weeks my truck’s battery was dead. After I replaced the battery the remote key worked fine.

Thanks for the responses you two. I’ll try the battery test option first, just maybe it does impact both? I think I replaced the battery about five years ago, so it may in fact be due again for replacement.

Also, I believe I located the keyless-remote transmitter (if it follows the standard accessory placement, mounted behind the driver-side lower dashboard panel).

I’ll keep y’all posted

The receiver is located inside the car and if the trouble isn’t due to some external interference signal then the receiver may have poor sensitivity.