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Keycode location

HELLO. 99 ford explore key pad code location. I forgot the code and and trying to find factory code . the owners manual says it on the module but were is the module. looked behind glovebox and dont see anything .any help would be nice thanks… I have a thing about locking keys in the truck and this has saved me many times…

still got the manual?

it was on a plastic “credit card” type card tucked into the manual

Supposed to be behind the passenger side kick panel. It wasn’t on mine, but got lucky and found it on an old piece of paper from the original dealer. I added it to the owner’s manual in the slot listed for it.

your car came programmed with a five digit code to unlock. once you enter the code, there is a procedure )explained in the manual) to add your own special five digit code.

so you need the manual. and keep looking in the manual for the code. it should be in there on the plastic card. or as BK says look in the manual for a hand written number.

the code may be either the original code, or the user created one.