Key Stuck in ignition; water sloshing beneath windshield: '98 Acura RL

problem started after 3 weeks ago w/ water sloshing in some unseen compartment behind dashboard. This happened after heavy rain. interior rear floor of car wet . 3 weeks later (today), I cannot get the key to go to the position where I can remove it. It will turn and start car. The automatic door/trunk lock also does not work .

I had this problem 2 years ago and then there was an added problem that the dashboard lights came on and would not go off during heavy rain.

the last time, the dealer said that the key-stuck-in-the-ignition problem required replacing parts but did not seem to know how the rain was causing the problem. When I drove the car home from the dealer and parked, the key magically came out and I used my 2nd key from that time, and the problem disappeared until today. also, the water-sloshing problem largely disappeared after a mechanic cleared something. Thanks.

I would say it is two separate problems. I don’t see the connection. The water is a clogged drain. The area under the openings in front of the windscreen needs to drain and it usually drains out a small black rubber hose coming out under the car in front of where the passenger puts their feet.

The key problem can be several possible problems. BTW do you have a lot of keys or other weight on the key chain? If so that could be causing that problem. I suggest having a pro take a look at this one.

Since I doubt if it is under warranty, I suggest finding a good local independent mechanic and save yourself some money and maybe find a better mechanic.

thanks so much for the response.

No, there are no heavy keys on my key chain which would weigh on the key in the ignition.

I’ll check out the sloshing water runoff tube (why didn’t the dealership tell me this?). But ok, forget the sloshing water. The problems which all appeared at the same time are:

  1. key was stuck in the ignition and would not turn to position where I could remove it from the ignition;

  2. the remote door and trunk unlock ceased functioning; and

  3. the blinking red light on the driver’s door did not blink when the door was locked with a spare key.

I used the past tense because this evening – like magic – the key turned and was removed effortlessly. the remote door/trunk unlock works. The only thing not working right now is the blinking red light on the driver’s door which usually indicates the door is locked.

Fingers crossed, tomorrow is another day. Thanks again.