Ignition Issue, '98 Acura RL

When I insert the key, there is current to the dashboard and the steering wheel moves into position. When I try to start the car, the dashboard is illuminated- the radio comes on etc- but the starter does not engage all. It’s totally quiet. I remove the key, insert the key and try again. Sometimes the starter engages, sometimes not. When it cranks, it starts right up. The battery is good.

We had the ignition switch changed out a while back, but it didn’t really improve the situation.

Any ideas??

How old is the battery and have you had a free check of it’s condition, available at many auto parts stores? If all checks ok check battery terminals, pos to starter and ground to engine block.

Thanks… I’m pretty sure the battery terminals are clear of oxidation, but I’ll double check. If the battery were weak, won’t the engine try to turn over? When it doesn’t work, it is totally quiet. The starter doesn’t engage at all.