Key Stuck in Ignition - Brand New Car!

I bought a new 2007 Hyundai Sonata last August and ever since then I’ve had a problem with the key getting stuck in the ignition. It only happens occasionally, and usually I can get it out after a minute, but once in a while it gets stuck for hours. It just won’t move to the last position. I’ve had it at the dealership 5 times, but because I can’t prove that there’s a problem every time (I did once), they won’t work on it anymore. They have replaced the ignition key switch and the brake switch. Obviously this is extremely frustrating. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Thanks, Scott

try wiggling the steering wheel when it gets stuck next time, while pulling gently on the key.

It could be caused by tension in the steering column. Try pulling the steering wheel from side to side while turning the key towards you.

A poorly cut key, perhaps?

Didn’t the car come with free road service? If, as I suspect, that it did, call for a tow or a flat-bed and have it taken to the dealership in its present condition.

Just as people who arrive at the ER in an ambulance get more attention from hospital staff, a car that is towed in may get closer scrutiny, since it is being towed on the manufacturer’s dime. And, since it would arrive in “flawed” condition, the service deparment should be more able to see what the source of the problem actually is.

I am assuming that you have an automatic transmission. The next time this happens, push the sifter further into park and try to turn and remove the key. If that doesn’t work, move the shifter to neutral and back to park. If the key now can be turned to the locked position and removed, have the Hyundai service adjust the transmission shifter interlock system.

Thanks all - they replaced all the keys, so it’s not a problem there. I thought about calling road service, and probably should have one day when it was stuck for the whole day, but since it’s usually only stuck for a minute, it’s hard to demonstrate. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff when it gets stuck, including moving the steering wheel and moving the shifter back and forth. I’ll ask them about adjusting the transmission shifter interlock system though.

It is deffinetly tension on the steering wheel. Just wiggle the wheel back and forth to remove the key. AND, pay attention to possible recalls. Oh, you want to know how to get a dealership to listen to you? tell them you want contact information for the factory rep, then say, “Arbitration.”