Soaked convertible

My convertible got caught with its top down in a huge downpour yesterday, which left 6 inches of standing water in the floor of the car. I had the car vacuumed and carpets cleaned, but now the ignition seems to be stuck. It won’t turn completely off, but will start. Also, the Winter setting keeps turning on randomly. It’s a '99 SAAB 9-3 convertible. And yes I think I look hot in it! Please help.

The last time I test drove a Saab I seem to recall it had the ignition key in he console. Prepare to disassemble the console and replace the ignition switch.

On a hot sunny day I would park the car out in the open with the top down and give the moisture a chance to evaporate. This may dry out the ignition and the winter setting switch.

Spray all the switches with WD-40 to drive out moisture. But be aware, if you had 6" of flood water inside the car, that might be enough to total it.