Key sticks in ignition

When the weather gets cold, I have a hard time getting the key out of my ignition when I park my car.

In what is probably a related development, when the weather gets cold my shift indicator sometimes doesn’t show my car in Park even when the shifter IS is Park.

What is this…neutral safety switch? Ignition lock? And is there a relatively easy way to deal with it?


are you sure you have pulled and pushed (as appropriate) the lever up and into the P position, and then wiggled the lever so it goes into the detent P position?

as cars (and keys/ ignitions) get old they wear out, and get fussy. (at least thats what my wife says!) but who am i to argue!

sometimes the lever doesnt fully go into the P home position. the lever may go to the P position, but it has to go (usually) towards you at the end, to release the key.

Yep, I push and wiggle. Usually it works, but when it gets below freezing…

I was hoping there was some sort of adjustment I could make to the shifter.

Stop at any locksmith shop and get yourself some graphite powder.

Really? You think it’s just the lock? I mean, when this happens I have a hard time turning the key back into the position to remove it. I thought maybe the shift linkage needed adjustment.