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Key stuck in ignition

I accidentally put the key from my 2008 Honda Odyssey into the ignition of my 2004 Honda Odyssey, and now the key won’t come out! Any ideas on how to get the key out? I tried jiggling the steering wheel, jiggling the key, disabling the battery, unlocking the gear shift and putting the car in and out of park, but nothing even remotely loosens the key.

Seems like you have tried all options. Might want to call a locksmith.

Never had that difficulty myself, but I’d probably try to come up with a method to cool the key. It might reduce the key’s dimensions enough so it will pull out. An ice cube held against the key might work. What might work better is that cool-off stuff that comes in a spray can, used in the electronics industry to test for heat related component problems. That and a little WD40 just might work.

The backup option is to remove the ignition switch and see if it is possible to take it apart.