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2010 Chevrolet HHR - Key Fob Shot?

My key fob will lock but not unlock. I just got a new battery put in 4 days ago. I the problem actually the fob itself?

It could be the button has worn out.

What happens when you lock and unlock the door using the switch inside the car?

If you stand near the car, do you hear any noise at all when you try to unlock the car using the fob?

Does your other fob work?

The switch inside the car works fine.

I do not hear anything when I press the unlock button. The lock button on the fob works fine.

I bought the car January 2019 and it only came with one fob.

Without a known good fob to compare, about the only conclusion is that either the fob’s unlock circuitry isn’t working, or the car’s unlock circuitry isn’t working. From the clues provided, pretty good chance it’s the fob’s unlock button-switch has failed as suggested above by MM.

We do tend to press that unlock button a lot more then lock. Too many times I double press all the doors when I only need the drivers. Guess that is why they have a button now that unlocks everything.