Whirring Sound On Acceleration

2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 100,000 KM.

Started making a whirring sound on starting that increases with acceleration. Ill be taking it in soon but curious what you all thought (and what the bill will be). It otherwise runs fine.

Bonus question is about tired. I have a slow leak in drivers front tire. Its not as slow anymore and cold weather makes me have to add air every few days. If I end up needing a replacement can I swap out one tire, two tires? Prefer not to swap all four.

Thanks, you guys are awesome!

The sound could be anything and just let the shop find it . And since no one will actually know what it is or where you are and what the shop charge is I would not even try and guess cost.

As for the tired ( Tire ) that is why tire shops exist and if it is not repairable it is always best to have identical tires on the same end of vehicle.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I intend to take it to a shop and tire place. Just thought I’d ask the people here who may have experienced it before, I assume you havent. Thanks!

Rather than take the word of anyone in this forum–or any other forum–you need to find out the “official” word from the vehicle mfr. Your Owner’s Manual should have the necessary info.

Well I was curious. I would likely have not just shown my mechanic the responses and insisted he follow them. Thanks.

Tough crowd. lol

Suggesting that you read the relevant portion of the Owner’s Manual equates to a “tough crowd”?

No you’re totally right.

If anyone else stumbles across this with a similar issue and is curious about potential causes (other than “see a mechanic”):

Turned out to be the Serpentine Belt Tensioner and Idler Pulley. Replaced and its quiet as can be. Total parts and labour about $425 Canadian. Thanks!

Sorry Andrew . whirring sounds will not always be the same as what yours was . You said you were taking it to a shop and they did just what shops do , they fixed it.

What about the tire , was it repairable ?

For sure. I like this site because when I have an issue its great to get ideas of what it might be (big or little). Of course, Im always going to take it in, its just nice to have an idea. Some issues Ive seen people experience the same thing and its obvious. Just thought the answer to a general question being “how the heck should we know, go to a mechanic” was odd for a forum about discussing issues lol No biggie.

Tire was actually repairable. To me surprise, there was a small nail. It surprised me because I had the slow leak for awhile and then actually did get a nail in it which was significant. But I didnt know if it had just happened or was an older issue that got worse. Garage repaired that but the slow leak persisted making me think it was something else. Garage looked at it and said they found another very small nail had caused it. Repaired it. And due to the cold, I had been refilling air every day this week. Its didnt lose any air over night so looks to be the cause.