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Vibration and Noise... will this kill me?

I have a 1984 Jeep CJ-7 that has of late developed a sound coming from the rear passenger side wheel (that’s what it sounds like anyway) that sounds like a very deep rubbing noise; like dragging a rubber-footed chair across tile very quickly. It makes this noise ONLY when turning to the right and I generally have to be moving at about 25 mph or above. The sound is also accompanied by a very small vibration that can be felt in the floor boards. Lately it has also started doing this while going over small bumps (ie the little dot-bumps separating lanes) and I don’t even need to be turning. As a side note, I got new tires about 5-6 months ago.

Thanks so MUCH!


Wait for one of the experts, but I wouldn’t drive it in that state. There are many things in the front end that could break and cause a crash.

May I suggest that you simply jack up that side of the vehicle where the noise is coming from and check that the lug nuts are all tight. Heard that type of noise and seen in some cases that the nuts were loose. I say to get the wheel off the ground because they may appear tight while the wheet is on the ground.

Let me know.

this is something which should be taken care of immediately. if it is a little problem, it’ll be cheap, but if it is a bearing problem, you could have a total failure on a long trip.

in addition to checking the lug nut torque, if that doesn’t solve it, rotate your tires, front to back, back to front.

if that doesn’t help i would investigate wheel bearings.

the wheel bearings should be checked as a matter of safety, since your rear axle can shear, and you will be left on the side of the road (maybe even sideways on the side of the road)

You may also be hearing a rear axle shaft bearing going out. Take a look at the backside of the tire. Usually when a bearing gets this bad it takes out the axle seal, and you’ll see rearend gear lube dripping and spraying on the backside of the tire.


I’d get it fixed right away. Could be a bad tire or loose wheel, an axle shaft, or – most likely – a wheel bearing starting to go. All are dangerous to some degree. Get it fixed!

These problems don’t fix themselves. One of two things happen. It gets worse and more expensive to fix, or it causes and accident. One will cost you money the second is worse.

Thank you. I will definately try it and let you know.