Just the facts jack!


Alcohol can be a gas, David Blume on peak moments,

Part 1


Part 2


Please watch these before you put your 2 cents in on this.


To all: David Blume is the author of the book “Alcohol Can Be a Gas.” The above links are each 30-minute infomercials in which Mr. Blume tells us all to switch from petroleum to alcohol (and buy his book). Save your time.

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International Institute For Ecologial Agriculture CEO David Blume.


Ah, at last we have a post from you that doesn’t have any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors! Now if it was only true, we’d have a real winner!

Please go away if you’re going to continue with this tripe.


Rich…find another forum to harass.


“You sound like and baleamic barffing up facts from the 10 o’clock news.”

rich–I can usually figure out what you are trying to tell us, despite your apparent lack of any training in either English grammar or spelling. However, even for you, this is a new low in the art of communication. What, pray tell, is “baleamic”??


NYBo–That was a fluke.

Remember that old chestnut about how an infinite number of monkeys randomly pounding keys on a typewriter could eventually produce writing equivalent to Shakespeare? That one post is an example of that phenomenon.


Sorry I have a cronic problem with typing faster then I think and I am now a Japanese citisen so for the last 8 years I have been studying every day Japanese and it’s making it hard for me to remember English.


Bulimic, bulimia, eating disorder.


Thanks I don’t spell check mostly because I’m lazy and because it would mean I would have to check almost every other word I wrote and that would take an hour per peragraph.
It is funny though even though I’m talking about facts that are in the public record because I spell bad it automaticly makes my points baseless. Why is that I wonder? I think that like the news and big companys when some one makes them think they might not know as much as they thought, they attack the person and not the facts because the facts are just that (facts).