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Just bought a 99 rodeo

just bought a 99 rodeo really was in need of new car. got a good deal but it needs some work on it, i’m willing to do the work but am on a limited income. the fuel gague is not working found out it needs a fuel pump, the check engine light is on and so is the abs light should i take this back and get my money it’s only been 3 days since i bought it. or should i stick it out

You might not need a fuel pump right away. The float and the pump are one unit in these vehicles, but just because the float is bad does not mean that the pump is too. I had a Blazer with this issue, I just kept track of miles and the fuel pump lasted another 3 years, after the gauge stopped working, before it went out.

But if you just bought it and there is some type of warranty, get the work done. But if you have to pay for the fuel pump work it is expensive and not an easy job for the backyard mechanic.

Get the CEL codes read and post back with them.

If there is any warranty take it back to the dealer you bought it from, if you bought it “as is”, well you shouldn’t have with the CEL on, but you are probably better off taking it to an independent mechanic.

going to get cel checked on monday, well about the fuel gague i was going to watch my miles, i just feel nervous about this since we just got rid of a money pit, just trying to avoid it again the reason why we bought it with the cel on was because our deceaon from our church works with cars and has a good judgement about cars. and felt like it would be a good car. I’m just being a nervous nilly.

The gauge issue isn’t necessarily linked to the fuel pump, although if the problem is the float sender, most of the labor is the same so it’s probably a good idea to change the pump while you’ve got the tank out.

Any auto parts store should be able to read the check engine light code and possibly the ABS light ones. Both issues could be very minor issues, or they could indicate more serious issues. If you do have the option to return the thing, it’d be worth it to me to just pay an independent mechanic to give the thing a checking over ASAP.

hey found out why the cel is on it’s the egr, the abs light is rear speed sensor will be getting them repaired as soon as get the money too. thanks for your help.

should i take this back and get my money it’s only been 3 days since i bought it.

Sorry but three days or three seconds, once you drive a used car off the lot, it is yours for keeps. (At least it is in most or all states in the US). I suspect you did not get any kind of warranty from the seller, so now it is yours. Next time it might be a good idea to have your mechanic check it out before you buy it.

Good Luck

Hopefully this poster is from MA. They can return the car with any private or dealer sale with a CEL as the car will not pass emissions with a period of two weeks.

You bought a 10 year old vehicle that has the CEL and ABS lights illuminated, and you did not have the car checked out by a mechanic prior to buying it???