Isuzu Rode0 2001

I have had much trouble since I got this vehicle (Craigs List LEMON). 1) Couldn’t get it inspected even after fixing codes. Got a waiver in NC for a year. Moved to Massachusetts and had a mechanic look at it. He got it to pass inspection. Worked for about 200 miles. Then check engine light came on along with Reduced power. Fixed the issue, (code on computer). It ran for about 200 miles and it happened again. Ended up putting in another wiring harness (not easy to find). Worked for about 300 miles. Then same issue. Fixed the code stuff again. (Sensor of some sort) It ran for another 200 miles. Then it happened again. Currently the new mechanic is fixing the latest code issue (another sensor) . This car is costing me lots, and I’ve not driven it much, it’s mostly at the mechanics. The car engine looks great. Body is from the South, so in great shape. HELP> What’s going on. I am not in a position to buy another car. AND, when it’s working…I LOVE Driving it.!

These vehicles had issues( I owned two of them 95 Passport and 99 Passport) if its a matter of just a light on,drive it.They were fun to drive,why did I have two of them?after I managed to get rid of the 95(purchased new) my wife got it in her head that I was telling her what to do I guess,so without my input she went bought a pretty good looking 99 model(total pos)I honestly think it had been in a flood,so my advice is ditch it quick as you can-Kevin


Please post the exact code, please

It sounds like the mechanics are fixing the symptom, not the root cause . . .

My GF’s 1998 Passport (Isusu Rodeo) has been pretty good, except for the frame rusting out, and annoyances. (the gas gauge hasn’t worked in years and the speedometer works when it feels like it) The main mechanicals have been good and the engine seems pretty bulletproof. (she’s run it low on oil several times with no apparent ill effects, though it makes me cringe)

Without knowing the exact codes and what was replaced, it’s pretty hard to know what’s going on. It sounds like your mechanic may be taking the shotgun approach instead of properly diagnosing the problem from the start.

I LOVE my 2001 Rodeo - I just hope I’m not jinxing it! I’ve never had a bit of trouble. My suggestion is to find another mechanic.

@oblivon “My GF’S 1998 Passport . . . has been pretty good, except for the frame rusting out . . .”


If they’re correctly diagnosing multiple issues with the wiring and various sensors, I wonder if this car was ever flooded. If so, I’m afraid things will probably only get worse from here.

@db4690: Humor? Yes and no. It really has been a good car overall, but the frame is disintegrating. There is no body rust. The A/C even still works, though it needs to be topped off every couple of years now.

As lion9car says, this could well be a flooded vehicle. A huge number of them went on the market after Hurricane Sandy. I once unwittingly bought a flooded vehicle, but fortunately an alert mechanic told me the vehicle had signs of flooding, and I was able to get the seller to take it back.

Check out the website mentioned in this article to see if your car is on the list.

I’ll third theidea this vehicle may have been underwater at some point. Common symptom for that is multiple sensor and connector failures.