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2002 Isuzu Rodeo

We own an '02 Rodeo with 108,000 miles on it. For the past year, off and on, the check engine light often appears, stays on during a trip and then, does not come back on for several drives until it appears out of the blue again. Repair shop initially replaced manifold gasket, but now says all diagnostics are good. The car recently started having starting problems (engine immediately dies upon first cold start and has to be re-started). Seems like fuel pump or injector issue to me, but repair shop says “no” to those two ideas. Looking for suggestions.

Are you sure that is the Check Engine Light? If so you may need to get a scanner on it while it is still on.

I am wondering if it may be something like a low oil pressure or level.

It’s most definitely the check engine light and not a different indicator light. The randomness of it lighting has the repair/dealer totally stumped. We’ve tried treating the gas to remove possible water in the tank as well as using fuel injector cleaner to assist with starting and rid us of the off again/on again indicator light. Nothing has worked yet. Thanks for your reply. If you have other suggestions I’d love to hear more.

Has anyone connected a scanner and checked for history and pending codes?

When a Check Engine light comes on, it means there’s an issue in the engine management system at that time. Then when the light turns off, that issue is no longer present. Checking for history or pending codes will reveal what caused the Check Engine light to come on.


Thanks for that explanation. I’m taking the car in for another look tomorrow (Sept. 8) and will ask about the history or pending codes.

The shop called me this morning and states that spark plugs are “worn” and there is a slight leak in the fuel pressure regulator. $660.00 for the work. Is this not something they should have noticed two months ago when we started having frequent issues? Crossing my fingers that these repairs fix our problems.