91 Rodeo problems

loss of power and check engine light comes on. can’t go past 20 mph

Go to an auto parts store that does free scanning of your OBD system for trouble codes. Auto Zone may have ceased doing this, but to the best of my knowledge, Advance Auto still does free scans. Other auto parts stores may also, and a few phone calls will let you figure out which one to drive to–albeit at 20 mph.

The possibilities right now are numerous, and the actual codes would narrow things down to a fairly short list. By the way, is the CEL flashing, or is it on steadily?

the vehicle is acutually a 2001 Rodeo, I don’t know where my mind was that day, but I still have the same problem, it might drive fine for a day or two, then loss of power, engine light comes on and then I can go only 20-30 miles per hour, someone suggested the fuel pump, I has over 137,000 miles, at a loss. the engine light goes off, does it need to be on to take it for a scan? thanks