Greetings Everyone,
I recently purchased a 2001 VW Jetta GL. I love …I loved the car.
Not long after the purchase I went start the car and the key would not turn. It felt like I would break the key if I tried any harder. So I took the key out, wiggled the steering wheel, turned the key over and then eventually it turned. I’m not sure which of these things was the answer.
Then one day I went to start the car and it would not crank. All the bells and dash board lights came on but no starter or motor action. So, I put the car in nuetral and Viola, it started right up. It is an automatic by the way.
But alas that quit working. My beautiful little car will not start. Not the battery,it’s just nothing when I turn the key. But still the lights and bells come on. Radio, windows, locks everything powered functions.
Anyone have some insight?
Thank you so much,
p.s. i’m broke from BUYING THE CAR!!!

Certainly sounds like the neutral safety switch is malfunctioning. Try starting vehicle in neutral or pushing up on the shift lever while you attempt to start it. Jettas are really nice to drive but they do have their little gremlins.

No guys, not neutral safety switch, they rarely malfunction, I guarantee it is your ignition switch, I am a mechanic and VW (Lancia, Ferrari, Bugatti et cetera) expert, have been for 30 years, I also hot rod cars that others would not attempt, I have a full machine shop and am an engineer by trade, so when I say it’s the ignition switch, you can take that to the bank.