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Neutral Safety Switch issues or what?

Two years ago I began having a problem starting my Jeep. I would turn the key and, “nothing!” The dash would light up; interior lights on; headlights on; but no click…no audible sound of a crank. Chrysler paid off all their Mechanical staff those two years based on what I paid for that. The Jeep was towed away a half dozen times. Each time I was told there was nothing found - it started for them. They kept it for testing but found nothing. For quite a long time I had no issues. Then, two days ago it happened again. I turned the key and nothing happened again. I remembered a blog I’d read which said to turn the key on; move the gear shift from park to neutral for a few times and try again. It worked! Fired right up and I was on my way. Well, yesterday after driving it for half the day and on a business call I went to move the Jeep. Stuck the key in and turned and nothing. All lights are working; battery is good. Switching the gearshift lever did not work. Had it towed home. No one seems to know what the problem is. Do you have any ideas? Have you experienced this complaint previously? Help me. I am desperate. Gone are the days when I can afford to or will leave my vehicle at the dealer for $125. a day when they cannot resolve the issue. I welcome and will appreciate a legitimate response to this dilemma.

What Model 2001 Jeep?

2001 Grand Cherokee Larado 8 cyl

When I first read the topic I knew it was a Jeep, my old cherokee had the same issue, although it was a straight six. Try not only moving the gear selector but actually try starting in neutral until you get the switch replaced.