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VW Jetta will not start in cold weather

My 120,000 mile 2003 VW Jetta will not start in cold weather. It starts fine when the temperatures are in the 30s, sporadically in the 20s and not at all in the teens and single digits. When I turn the key, the engine does nothing; it does not crank. Three mechanics have not been able to figure out the problem. Any suggestions?

Are you getting sufficient power from the battery? Does the engine turn over and over or does it just click?

I tested the battery multiple times and it is fine. The engine does not turn over and I do not hear any clicks. The alarm work as does all the lights and radio.

Is the starter solenoid getting power when you turn the key to the start position?
Do the dome lights dim when you try to start the car?

They do not appear to dim.

I’m thinking the brushes in your starter are shot or your not getting 12 volts from your ignition switch to trigger your solenoid. I just had the same problem in my 02 jetta. I tested the battery and it was bad they replaced it on warranty put the battery in and same problem. So i took out my starter had it tested, it checked out fine but thats not under load. I then took apart the starter and one set of brushes on the stator was completely gone. I replaced the brush housing and it started right up.

But now I have my own problem with a wwwwzzzzzzing sound possibly a alignment issue? see my discussion post “HyperActive Zombie Starter Wants to eat my Flywheel”

I have the same problem with my jetta. Last year we replaced the starter, some switches, the battery, and nothing seemed to help. Did you ever figure out the problem. Its winter again, and my car is acting up, so here I am stranded, trying to find the solution.

@palumban There is a Park/Neutral relay that might be hanging up. I don’t know if you changed it. The ignition switch could also be a suspect.