Jetta transmission problems

I have a 05 jetta and in the mornings when i leave for work the transmission doesnt work properly. It jumps erraticly and scares me that it is going to fall out of the car. what is happening?

How many miles on your car? Has the transmission fluid ever been changed?

the car has 157,000 and no the transmission fluid never been changed. I asked the dealership mechanic and he said that it has a sealed transmission and doesnt need to be checked

It sounds like the transmission fluid could be low, especially before the transmission is warmed up. If the transmission has developed a leak at a seal, enough could have leaked out to give you the problems you describe.

The transmission can be a sealed unit but there is a service procedure for checking the fluid level and adding the VW specific fluid. So find a mechanic who is conversant with the procedure and has the equipment for doing the checking.

Hope this helps.