Replace 2003 Volkswagen Jetta transmission?

My cute Jetta has 150k miles and the automatic transmission recently started slipping when shifting from second into third. Our mechanic has said the only fix is to replace it.

you could try to change the fluid, but unfortunately your mechanic is most likely correct. Personally, I probably wouldn’t put the money into a 15 year old car, but I don’t know your financial situation or what shape the Jetta is in


Something this major deserves multiple opinions. Is there a good locally-owned transmission shop within range? An import specialty shop? VW dealer?

Are you the trans fluid is at the correct level, and the correct fluid is in there? If it’s been changed, that doesn’t guarantee they used the VW-designated fluid.

If the body and interior are in excellent condition, you might consider getting the transmission replaced with a remanufactured one. Get at least three evaluations before you decide what to do.