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VW 2003 Jetta issues - Slipping?

As the title suggests, I have a VW 2003 Jetta. I got a new (used) transmission put into the car around 6 weeks ago and I’ve noticed some issues since that have been getting worst slightly.

When I start the car (and I’ve noticed the problem seems worst when it’s colder?) and put into drive, the transmission(?) slips in the first couple gears. It stutters and then when it’s going (maybe in 3rd), it’s fine. Going quickly from brake to giving gas will cause a slip so I’ve adjusted to give it a second in the transition.

The strangest thing is that once the engine is warmed up and been going for a bit, the problem disappears. And at high speeds, driving is effortless.

Can someone help diagnose this? Especially time frames and how worried I need to be?!


When a transmission slips under these conditions, it usually means the seals are hard and dried from age so the proper hydraulic pressure can’t be produced, until the transmission warms up.


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Thanks for the speedy response!

  1. So in theory I should get the seals changed? Is that an expensive fix?

  2. Is it possible that it is a transmission fluid issue?

  3. How dire is this situation?

Replacing the seals involves rebuilding the transmission.

Used transmissions usually don’t come with transmission fluid in them. So you might want to check if the used transmission refilled to the correct level.

How dire is this situation?