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I’m wondering if I need to get my transmission flushed. It makes a growling noise when I am accelerating in 1st and 2nd gear. More so when it’s cold and has been sitting over night. After it warms up the sound lessons. I had the transmission fluid changed and the noise quit for about 2 weeks then started up again.

What year Jetta?? How many miles on Jetta?? Has it ever been serviced before?? How often??


Its not the transmission

My guess is you should have had your transmission fluid changed (not flushed) and the filter cleaned, before you noticed a problem.

Changing the fluid does not fix damage than may have been caused by NOT changing the fluid when it should have been done. That is likely not your fault, it is the manufacture who no longer list a transmission fluid change as a recommended maintenance item.

That said, you have transman’s attention and you can count on what he has to say.

Is this an automatic or a manual transmission?