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1999 Volkswagen Jetta - keyless remote question

I try to unlock my VW with my keyless remote, absolutely nothing happens. I unlock the door with the key and put key in the ignition and turn the key, the alarm goes off. I notice that there is no typical sound of fuel being pumped to the fuel pump. After about a minute, the alarm turns off. I’ve changed the batteries in the keyless remote and also pulled the main battery out of the car and had it checked and it was ok. I charged the battery just to be sure and the same thing happened. PLease what is the problem ? I’ve heard that it could be that the keyless remote needs to be recoded.

That would be my guess, that somehow your key is no longer communicating with the car’s computer. At least not as a “trusted” key.

Do you have a spare key? If not… I’d have a locksmith come over with a blank key fob and try programming it.

Good luck.