Battery dead, can’t get into 2003 Volkswagen Jetta



battery dead, key fob not working, no entry in car


Do you not have a key to open the door with. If so then have it jumped.


Dan can’t jump it, he can’t get the hood open because he can’t get into the car. VW - Audi products have a mechanical key that unlocks the driver’s door for just this situation. Unless, of course, Dan left his inside the owners manual in his glovebox!

So Dan, you first need a trip to the VW dealer, with your VIN number in hand to get one of those mechanical keys made. And you probably need a new car battery to replace that dead one.


Mr. Mustang , you are most likely correct as you usually are. Our Volvo has an emergency key in the fob for the drivers door. The replacement fob for a 2003 Jetta shows a key that flips out and apparently the drivers door key slot is behind a removable cover on the drivers door handle. Have no idea if that is correct but this Op could just call a Pop a Lock service .