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Alarming problem

Anybody know if I can disable the alarm on my 1995 VW Jetta? It came with the car, has been acting up for years, and finally came on when I LOCKED the car. Opening the trunk did not make it cease, as it does when the alarm comes on when I UNLOCK the car. I must lock/unlock manually, by the way - key operated only.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Mose in SF

You just pull out the Alarm fuse, and it’s done! If it were that simple, what good would it be as an anti-theft system? You need an Automobile Security and Alarm System specialist. Look in the Yellow Pages in your telephone book.

My car ('97 VW Cabrio) alarm went off when the turned the key in the ignition. The car was not locked inside the garage. I too lock/unlock manually with the key and do not have a fob. I could not silence the alarm. I removed the horn fuse but the alarm is clearly not routed via it as it made no difference. It stopped after a couple of minutes but after that the alarm would go off each time I opened the door (never locked since the previous day of this event). I called the dealer and he told me to open the trunk, keep it open and then open the door. Did not help. Car would not start. After much inconvenience and some needless expense, I got to the store where I had planned to go later in the week to get my battery changed (it was due for a change). Problem has gone away ever since I got a brand new battery. They tested the old battery and it had no life left in it (it had served me very well). Just as there are indicators for low oil, low coolant etc., why is there no indicator for “low battery”? I would suggest that you get your battery tested, even if it is new(ish). Many stores will give you partial refund if it misbehaves during the warranty period.