Jetta alarm going crazy

I own a 1996 jetta gls. Over the years, the automatic door locks stopped locking the doors. The two rear windows will not roll down. Many other things too numerous to mention have also stopped working. Recently my alarm will randomly sound when the doors are locked. I put my key in the lock and disarm. Five, ten, ninety, minutes later the alarm will sound again. The timing seems random. Now i just have to keep the door unlocked to prevent the neighbors from killing me. Does anyone out there have an easy way for me to disable the alarm or fix the problem.

Also, the interior dome light stays on all the time. This may or may not relate to the problem.


I had a 95 jetta, also with dome light and lock problems. The dome light problem was intermittant and would kill my battery every year or so, till I figured it out and just left the dome light off.

Lock problems, I had both fail, and left me locked out. Had to tow the car 50 miles to a dealer. for your reference, it cost $200-300.

bottom line, VWs have lots of electrical problems. You can either ignore it, take it to a good shop specializing in electrical problems, or get equipment and schematics and fix it yourself.

There may be a way to disable the alarms, logic says there is, but I don’t know what it is. did you search the internet?


one of these should help