1999 VW jetta wolfsburg completely disabled from alarm system

okay, my 1999 jetta wolfsburg edition was running fine all day and ever since i bought it in September of 09. As i went to leave my friend house i put my key in turned it and it didn’t even turn over not even a crank after much discussion with a AAA assistent i learned the most likely case was the alarm disabling the vehicle, it showed the signs by locking itself and the alarm going on whenever it pleases i need to know how to fix this or im in a real pickle

You need to see a good mechanic who is knowledgeable of car alarm systems. Instead of repairing the alarm I personally would have it removed or disabled. I really don’t think that alarms save many vehicles at all. At best they are just a nuisance that tend to go off in the middle of the night and disrupt the sleep of the neighborhood.