96 VW Jetta -car alarm going off for no reason

Hi gang,

this jetta has a factory car alarm; it is enabled when I lock the driver side door. It has started going off at anytime with no stimulus. Is there a way to fix this or disable the alarm?? Thanks

Noisy in VA

Does the alarm system include a shock sensor? (you know if you hit the car hard enough the alarm goes off)? if shock sensor equipped it may have come loose and it may have a sensitivity adjustment you could adjust to a lower sensitivity. In regards to disabling the alarm yes it can be done(fuse,pull a connector off) but does this alarm disable the starting(cranking) or does it also disable the fuel system? You dont want to disable the alarm and have your car refuse to crank or start obviously.

Typical VW electrical bugaboo. My friend got so frustrated with her alarm going off on her 96 Jetta that, after many trips to the dealer for repairs, she simply left her car unlocked.

thank you, we are leaving unlocked for now!