Jeep doesn't always start

I own a 98 jeep wrangler. Love the little jeep. But…big BUT…at random it chooses not to start, not sluggish start, dead absolutely no noise. I have spent well over 1500. dollars on new starters, batteries, ignitions, ignition cylinders youname it I have replaced it. This last time it started every time for well over a month, then one evening it just didn’t so I let it set for a couple of hours as usual and then it started and we came home. I love my mechanic he is patient and doesn’t make fun of me when I ask dumb questions…but this he can’t figure out. Any ideas out there or has anyone else had a similiar issue? Thanks Jo

Make sure the battery cables are not corroded inside, Remove them and bend them, they should not feel like they are breaking inside and should not crackle when bent. While they are off, sand or wire brush both ends and whatever they bolt to. When it doesn’t start, have you tried wiggling the shift lever and key in both Park and Neutral? Also, swap the starter relay for another one with the same number. Has the neutral safety switch (automatic) or clutch Interlock switch (manual) been replaced? Do you keep your foot on the brake when starting and do your brake lights work when it won’t start? It is hard to know how to advise when someone has replaced “everything” but doesn’t tell you what.

It is a manual and I have tried wigglying the key and the shifter …I don’t know if I have replaced the clutch interlock switch I will have to check. I know that I replaced starter, battery, ignition and ingition cylinder also something on the computer harness? that was the most expensive part, I will run all ideas by the mechanic and see if they are things we have tried. Again tonight it wouldn’t start, but I can almost guarentee that it will next time I go out if I wait an hour or so…at first I thought it was because it was hot but it happens after it has sat for 8 or more hours too. Thank you for giving me somethings to check tomorrow morning I will check the battery cables I actually think that is one thing I haven’t changed.