Jeep Patriot 2014 making a scraping noise when driving and turning after changing suspension parts

Just changed out some suspension parts for my Jeep Patriot, more specifically the tie rod ends, control arms, sway links, stab bushings. For some reason my jeep is making a weird grinding noise when driving and when turning. It seems to only come from the driver side of the car. I made sure to install everything and torque to spec. What could be making this grinding/scraping noise?
Here is a link to the video and audio of what is happening: scraping noise
Edit 1: I have not gotten my alignment done just yet, and I did follow all the necessary steps to replace all those parts listed. Could an alignment fix my issue? My steering wheel is turned a little to the right and is off center.

Did you check the dust shields behind the rotors? They sometimes get bent during this kind of work and the rotors will rub on them. This needs to be aligned real soon.


It’s good you installed everything you had removed. Interesting you did not actually say you installed the parts correctly.

Agreed with the rotor shield suggestion and anytime suspension or steering work is performed the vehicle must go to the alignment shop immediately.

Alignment specs can change dramatically with the replacement of one part much less a whole box of them.

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Yeah, I’ll check the rotor shield, I would have gone to the shop to get my alignment fixed however I had finish really late at night and now it’s a Sunday. Most shops are closed.

I’ll look into that. I’ll be getting my alignment done tomorrow. I just finished really late at night and it’s a Sunday now so shops would open up back up on Monday.