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Suspension/linkage squeeking and grinding. Pontiac G8

How quaint for these issues to turn up after the initial warranty period ends. Recently I’ve been having trouble with noises coming from the left wheel well. The worst noise is a grinding sound while steering to the left only. It sounds like two metal pieces rubbing together and it reverberates through the spring (or so it seems). Whilst driving, the noise changes. I will hear a rattling coming from the left side as if something were lose; the sound is intermittent and occurs because of variations in the pavement. It is not a constant sound. Whilst going over speed bumps at low speed the sound is a creaking noise that sounds remarkably like creaky springs; oh and the rattle noise is produced at the initial “impact” with the speed bump as well, but only once.

Finally, it seems that it is important to note that I cannot reproduce ANY of these sounds when it is raining! I drove around for 2 hours attempting to reproduce the noises. I even went into an empty lot and did some mock “cone weaves” to see if I could torture the bloody car into cooperation! To no avail.

I have an idea, but I don’t want to pollute the discussion by spitting it out. The more and more I hear it, the less and less convinced I am that my idea is valid.

Since it’s just past the initial warranty period, should we assume less than 100,000 miles?

The cause could be as simple as a rubbing brake wear indicator (yes, they can act like this), a loose heat shield, or a noisy sway bar link. The links are little ball joints, you know. It could even be a worn sway bar bushing of a bad strut. The choices are multiple. It needs to be looked at by a qualified shop.

Instead of guessing, I suggest take the car to your mechanic (you do have a mechanic, don’t you?) and let him or her put it up on a lift and inspect the front suspension and steering components.

As TSM suggested, it could be any one of several things. The fact that it’s quiet when wet, and you say there’s a “creaking” noise, makes me think bushing. Anti-sway bar bushing, possibly.

But that wouldn’t explain the “grinding” noise while turning left. Grinding is never good.

Perhaps there’s more than one problem.

If this were my car I’d be calling my favorite mechanic and making an appointment.