Jeep Liberty Suspension Help

I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty Sport, standard transmission, 2WD. We bought it when we lived in california and it seemed fine then. After moving to Boston we noticed the suspension was really rough. You can feel every little bump on the road, especially in the back. My mechanic said it looks fine and everything is where it’s supposed to be.

Needles to say, my wife hates the car because of the bad suspension. It was especially bad when she was pregnant. No matter how slow I went, the car feels like I am in a rally. We also have a 9 month old and she is afraid all the jumping around will rattle his little brains and he’ll end up like me.

I really want to find a way to improve the suspension without spending too much. I was thinking of replacing the shocks. Wondering if there are any suggestions on what type of shocks to get and whether I should consider additional modifications that might make a big difference in the suspension.

I Recommend A Car. If You Want A Vehicle That Rides Like A Jeep Then You’ve Got It. If You Want A Vehicle That Rides Like A Car Then Buy A Car.

I’d go ahead and let the Jeep scramble Junior’s little brains for a while. Then it will be the two of you dolts against Wifey. Otherwise Junior will grow up more like her and you will be simply out-numbered 2:1 .

Make sure the tires aren’t overinflated and consider some tires with a softer ride if you’re not going off-roading any time soon.

Off the subject, but did you get the lower front ball joints repaced under Recall ?


New car not really an option; otherwise would not be trying to find a fix.
Tire pressure has been verified; off-roading not an issue will look into tires next time I need to replace.
Also did the recall on the ball joints.

What’s Your Theory On The Difference Between California (Fine) And Massachusetts (Rough) . . . The Roads Are Rougher ? . . . The Wife’s Sensitivity Has Changed . . . Wife’s Concern For Junior ? . . .

Do you think something with the Jeep has actually changed ?