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Ok, I have a issue. I went off-roading in some very bumpy surface in my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Well when I finished off-roading I noticed that the ride seemed like it lost it’s smoothnesses, I was feeling every bump in the road. Now have I lost suspension. If I did lose my suspension would you tell me you would recommend as a replacement. I was thinking about something that can handle Off-roading very good but still be good on the road. The suspension i had was stock.

The “suspension” has a lot of components. Most likely it’s the shocks, not too expensive. Take it to a shop for a check. Driving with bad shocks can be dangerous.

I’m not an expert on this, but you can get heavy duty shocks of varing grades. Talk to your mechanic, or ask around at a parts store, or look online.

Your car was not intended for even semi-serious off roading. You can do it but you will have to work on that suspension if you want reliability. It needs some off-road parts and you will have to kiss the smooth ride goodbye forever. Keep it on the road and it will cost you less.