2002 jeep liberty repairs

I own a 2002 jeep liberty. I got some major issues with my car. I’ve noticed for about 2 months my car has been very scary to drive. When I drive the car it sways side to side when I go over 55mph. It almost seems like I would lose control so I have to slow down to stop the swaying. I did get the upper and lower control arm repaired about a month ago. So at the moment I don’t know what other part is need to replace, and if I do which part do I need to start off replacing? Anyone has ever experienced this with their jeep liberty?

You need to have a suspension specialist take a good look at the underside of this Jeep on a rack. There are a lot of parts that can contribute to this condition, individually and collectively. No single magic part that will fix this.

You still had a problem after having control arms replaced so did you not ask whoever did it why you still have this dangerous swaying. As for other Jeep Liberty owners having this problem , possibly but the chance of the same cause is unlikely .
You are either going to have this fixed or park the thing before you crash and injure yourself or someone else.

Yes, but if I was a betting man, my money would be on broken sway bar links as the most likely cause.

It does seem to fit the broken swaybar link symptoms. I’d put money on that one, too. Simple to identify and fix.

Could be caused by a steering system issue too… Could be something at the rear, too…

Needs eyes and hands on the car to know for sure… Jeeps be strange