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Steering and suspension after 300K

I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty w/ 305K. Engine runs well, but burns some oil as expected. Never been used as an off road vehicle.

I feel like after 300k in order to keep it running safely i should do some sort of front suspension steering overhaul.

Any recommendations on what I should do?

Replace with OEM or cheaper brand considering your vehicule has 305k and burning oil.

The only thing that comes to my mind is new shocks/struts.

Aside from that… if you’re not seeing/hearing any unusual noises or tire wear, I’d just roll on.

Good luck.

Also check the tire rod ends, ball joints, rubber bushings, CV boots (if applicable), and steering box boots . Some off-road vehicles use a horizontal damper, a sort of shock absorber that runs from the left side to the right side of the suspension system in front. If you got one, that should probably be replaced if it is the original. Power steering fluid too.

The first step is a thorough inspection. Anything with excess play (varies a little by component), leakage, or torn boots is a candidate for replacement. No need to replace anything that is still functioning within design parameters.

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I would hardly consider a Jeep Liberty to be an “off-road” vehicle

In my opinion, the Jeep brand has become considerably watered-down in recent years

The Jeep Liberty being a perfect example of it :smirk:

Bet you aren’t a fan of the Renegade!:rofl:

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Nope . . .

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While inspecting the the suspension components be sure to check for play in the lower ball joints (and upper), there is a recall on them.

The Jeep Liberty is similar to the Cherokee that it replaced with the addition of independent front suspension. A Liberty is not in the same class as a Honda CRV or Nissan Rogue.

Jeep Liberty

It looks like it would be good for family trips on dirt and gravel roads where 4wd and higher clearance would sometimes come in handy, but not for rock crawling.

I disagree

It’s not very roomy at all, and I’m being nice

Thanks everyone. To be on the safe side I know
I’m due for shocks and struts. I have never replaced the upper ball joints but I have done the lower. Nevertheless new bushings, struts, and balljoints are in order.

Not sure if it was covered but on my car I did transfer case, front and rear differential fluid, in addition to trans and radiator fluid, brake fluid totally done with each new brake job, just for your consideration/