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Shocks or Suspension I have no clue

Ok, I have a issue. I went off-roading in some very bumpy surface in my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Well when I finished off-roading I noticed that the ride seemed like it lost it’s smoothnesses, I was feeling every bump in the road. Now have I lost suspension. If I did lose my suspension would you tell me you would recommend as a replacement. I was thinking about something that can handle Off-roading very good but still be good on the road. The suspension i had was stock.

Any parts store should have a wide selection of stock and heavy duty suspension parts. I might suggest getting lifetime warranteed parts, so that if they stop working, you can replace them for free (plus the cost of labour, of course.)

Does the steering pull to one side? If not you probably didn’t knock out alignment.

Does the truck sit at the same height? If not you didn’t damage a spring.

Do any shocks look wet like they’re leaking?

Did you check tire pressure?

Before you go out and start replacing parts, I’d suggest getting under the vehicle and check to make sure you didn’t hit anything on the undercarriage. I doubt that a bumpy surface (unless you were racing) would damage the suspension on this vehicle. It’s designed for off-road use (it is 4wd right? not the 2wd version). But then again, you didn’t say what “very bumpy surface” means. For all I know you were trying to do rock-crawling with it.

The vehicle is 9 years old and could easily have worn our shocks (they would give the vehicle a real floating/bouncy sensation) and the “very bumpy surface” could have been the last straw.

What type off-roading are you meaning to do? I have taken my '98 Jeep on several trails that are quite rocky with no problems at all, and it was completely stock up until this past year. I lifted it 1" just to get a little more load capability while on the trail. The '99 Jeep has a stiffer body and better suspension than the '98 model.

I was offroading on a mountian in West Virginia and i do have that bouncy sensation, All i have to do is push my car lightly and you see it lean sideways.