Jeep leaking fluid

I have an 06 Jeep Liberty. The last couple of days after it’s been running awhile I have noticed a leak. It’s clear and has an oily feel. Eventually it disappears and doesn’t leave a stain on the driveway . Coolant and oil levels appear good. The leak is under the front passenger side. What else should I be checking . Thank you

If it evaporates than I change my mind. Ac drip it might be.

Washer fluid is the only thing I know of that can leak from a vehicle and evaporate without leaving a stain.

That, and water from the AC drain tube.



That is condensation from the air conditioner.

I put a clear plastic cup under it. It’s mostly clear with a slight pinkish salmon color to it . There is a lot of rust under car so not sure if this could causing the color

If you have the radiator w/cap/overflow tank configuration, be sure to check the coolant level in the radiator. Not just in the overflow tank. If it has been extra hot and humid in your area, my guess is the same as above, normal AC system water drainage. The AC system extracts water vapor from the air in the passenger compartment, and then drains it out the bottom of the car, where it lands on the driveway like that.