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Jeep front end grinding

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 L. Front end grinds when turning. Noise intermittent for a time (no noise when in the shop) but is now more evident when turning hard left or right. Sound like severe tire rubbing, but no scuff marks on tires. Question is: What is it? and Where should I look for repairs? Transmission shop, general auto mech, Jeep dealer???

Which 4WD system do you have? There might be a problem with the front CV joints, front differential, front driveshaft universal joints, or the transfer case.

OK, the '98 5.9l GC came with the np249 transfer case. Its more common failure is with the viscous coupler. The symptoms of a bad vc are wheel hop/scuffing (you can feel this through the steering wheel) when making sharp turns once the vc is warmed up. I’d get this checked out first since the failure is fairly common. Only go to a reputable Jeep mechanic (independent or dealer) to diagnose and fix this problem.