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1999 Jeep Cherokee steering grab

I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee with 175,000 miles. I have had front end work done and the vehicle is in excellent condition, except… I recently noticed this winter when it was in 4-wheel drive that when I turned it was as if the someone was grabbing and releasing the front tires. It would grab and go, grab and go. Now I am noticing it in 2-wheel drive, but not as pronounced. Any suggestions?

hello,I recommend you have the front,universal joints checked for corrosion(RUST),and by universal joints,I mean THE axle joints ,not the driveshaft side. then post back.

Also, remember that this vehicle probably has part-time four wheel drive. There is no center differential. Consequently, if there is much traction at all you will get some “grabbing” when you turn in 4-wheel drive. If that’s what is happening, it’s normal. To test it, try driving on grass or loose gravel in 4WD and see if it still does it. The reduced traction surface allows the wheels to slip and make up for the lack of a center differential. If it’s doing it in 2-wheel drive, it’s probably your axle UVs as mentioned in the earlier post.

I will have that checked out and get back to you. Thank you.

I will try that tomorrow and see if it still grabs. Thanks for the reply.