00 Jeep Wrangler makes a grinding/clunking noise in hard turns

I have a 2000 jeep wrangler, it drives great but in sharp turns theres a loud clunking grinding sorta noise coming from the front end. it happens turning both left and right. it does seem to loss some power when the noise is audible and you can feel it under your feet. cant tell if its coming from a particular side. has anyone run into this before? from what im reading it could be in the cv joint

sounds like you already have your answer.

sounds like u joints for sure. take a look in your wheel well with the wheel turned all the way and see if they look rusty or blown out if they have any play in them there bad. if you need any tips or advice let me know ive done the wranglers more than once

some jeeps have u joints on the front axles some have cv joints. whichever yours has, that is the likely cause. either way, no big deal. its easier to just buy a new axle and slide the old one out, new one in