Jeep electric problem

hey i need help my jeep wrangler 94 with a 93 yj engine has givin me so many problems i have an eletricAL problem with starting i got the computer flashed, new coil, wires, crank sensor, distrib, rotor, starter, some work on relay box what i need to one is why do i have to trick my ignition to start by turning the kys 3 times waiting for the relay to click over could it be auto shutoff of something having to do with fuel pressure or bad grounds or wire harness idk were to turn i had 1 mechanic drop 1000 bucks in it and nothing shop doing the same right now help me please???

“trick my ignition to start by turning the kys 3 times”

This is the classic symptom of fuel pressure leak-down occurring when the car sits, or a failing fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

ok so now they changed the starter it was cracked, replaced some wires. Fuel pressure was good. said it seems to be no juice getting to plugs and we need a new computer. any other ideas before we take it to the dump?

My 05 wrangler has broken two ignition switches in as many years. Latest time I had intermittent non-starts - no click. It would usually start after sitting a while. There is a rod that connects the key lock to the ignition switch, and the rod breaks. I don’t know if your vintage jeep has a similar set up but it might be worth checking your ignition switch, since you didn’t mention that.