Jeep comander 5.7hemi oil consumption

OK , oil consumption is normal . There , now we are done .

writes from the phone. I am very happy with the car. It is a beautiful and unseen car on our roads. Large and comfortable, above all strong and fast. I just thought about this oil. Is it normal. In Poland, the owners of hemi 5.7 mds say that their engines do not drink oil and I read American forums every hemi likes oil

I’ll try again.

Yes, that amount of consumption is absolutely fine, I’ll even consider it very fine.

I THINK I know what You mean.

I suppose You mean the odometer (km’s driven in total)

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand it.

THAT I understood.

That does not make any sense in english.


I have no idea what this means.

Can You find another way to explain as I don’t get it.

If You are using google, shame on them for doing such a shitty job.

I am not in any way shape or form calling You stupid. Why would I, I don’t know You and honestly hope that You’ll have many happy years with Your Jeep.

If you mean that Asterix called you stupid, you are wrong.
He absolutely did NOT do that.

That tiny bit of oil usage is very good. Why are you obsessing over this minuscule amount of oil? That is more or less 1/2 liter between oil changes.

Hello, I can write now. I wrote earlier that a Jeep bought in Poland will have a km / miles counter, and if bought in the USA, it will have a real meter like mine. 235,000 km approximately 140,000 miles. There are several problems with this car.
Something howls, probably a driving bridge or hub because only the right side is hanging out.Fuel combustion is on the route 13l / 100km in the city around 17l. The gearbox converter at the low temperatures puts the engine down. But that’s not a big cost of regeneration. Now I am waiting for the diagnosis of the drive bridge whether it is a bridge or a hub.

Mateusz, he did not call you stupid, he called himself stupid for not understanding something you said which he apparently felt he probably should have been able to understand- see below
asterix is in Denmark, hence the reference to stupid dane

I’d also like to know what a droogie is…

“Droogie” means a lot of money. The dictionary has badly translated me. Droogie-expensive

Buying a damaged, USED Jeep, with no vehicle maintenance history, you should expect repair and maintenance to be expensive. You are very fortunate to get one that does NOT consume excessive amount of oil.

Thanks for explaining Droogie. I have never heard the term “driving bridge”. I have a friend from Poland who frequently translates technical papers from English to Polish or Polish to English and she says that idioms are the hardest thing to translate.

The oil specs I’m seeing for a 2009 Jeep Commander with the 5.7L gasoline engine is api certified 5w-20 meeting DaimlerChrysler Material Standard MS-6395, if that’s of any help. It doesn’t seem like you have any oil consumption problem of any concern, if I’m interpreting your posts correctly. Looks like it has plenty of upside opportunity for not a lot of diy’er work. Suggest to fix it up right and good and enjoy your Commander as your daily driver. Best of luck. If you have an automatic transmission, make sure it gets its routine service regularly. I expect you already know there’s some air bag recalls on many vehicles of that vintage. With the vin you may be able to see all the recalls on Jeep’s website, worth a try.

George , this thing came from Canada with body damage , sent to Poland so recalls are not going to be done . If you mean to repair the damage in the picture that has been done by the importer.

Thank you, the car was made, I replaced the mask with a light and fender. The car is driving, you can only hear the howl of the bridge, such a noise. MOST- back of the car. in Poland, the driving axle is the DRIVE MOUNT.

It seems like you may have a noisy wheel bearing, not unusual for a 10 year old vehicle and not a major problem.

Your fuel economy is typical for this vehicle, when the Commander was new owners complained about the fuel consumption but 13 to 15 mile per gallon is normal for this large SUV with a big V-8 engine and all wheel drive.

I had 10 years of Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.9 DDIS diesel, he had 126hp and smoked 12l per 100km. Also, this dragon is not very fuel-guzzling. Everyone is scaring me with a bridge.

What the Heck does that mean ?

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Could bridge be his term for transmission?
Now a new term—Drive mount?

aa388dcf49a9a7036fc6a56299a0 this is problem thats Bridge oraz axle rear

I am very happy that I didn’t made a post stating that I had figured out that a bridge was a fanbelt.
Oops, I just did :blush:

With all the confusion about terms due to translation problems I am beginning to suspect that is a form of entertainment for Mateusz rather than a real search for help.

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