Oil specs


I do like to know if i get damage to engine to use the wrong oil for about 13.000 milles? I used 10w40 motul 4100!turbolight in the place of motul 8100 ecoclean 5w30, the factory says WSS-M2C934-B and i didn’t use this, I’m worried about tho get real damage to the engine, i dont use the car on extreme rpm, only sometimes on the highway.

If some one give me help i will be happy.


Are you saying that you’ve now gone 13,000 miles on the oil that’s in the engine? If so, I would be more concerned about that than the weight of the oil.

So you agree i getbdamge to engine or not?

Did you leave the 10w40 in the engine for 13,000 miles without changing it?

10w40 is a heavier oil than 5w30, and could give slightly accelerated wear, but it seems like that’s not your biggest problem. It sounds like you haven’t changed your oil in 13,000 miles. Even the correct weight oil is going to have problems going that far. I would have changed the oil in my car 3 times over that period. You should check for sludging, among other things.

I agree with the others. The weight of the oil for that amount of time should not have caused any damage, although you should use the correct oil in the future.

However, going 13,000 miles without an oil change is a problem. You should change your oil more often. I recommend every 5,000 miles

What country are you in @Feldisco4 ?

@Feldisco4 what kind of car are we talking about here?

Somewhere there is a temp range chart for motor oils. You’re fine.