Jeep GC losing oil

Hey my 2002 Jeep GC (4.7 HO) is losing about a quart of oil every 1,000 miles. I’ve replaced the PCV elbow and this didn’t help at all. There are no leaks underneath or anywhere else I can find. I never have blue exhaust either. I’m completely at a loss. Any ideas?

One Quart Per 1,000 Miles Can Be “Normal” ?
Are You The Original Owner ?
How Long Have You Owned It ?
How Many Miles Are On This Jeep ?
Did This Suddenly Occur Or Did Consumption Slowly Increase ?
What Is The Lowest The Oil Ever Got . . . How Much Was Needed To Bring To “Full” Mark ?

I’m the third owner. I’ve had it for about a year- it has just under 100,000 miles now. This is a recent development. The first 2 oil changes I did came out pretty normal. After that every oil change has had significant oil loss. I put 6 quarts of new oil in and in 3,000 miles I pull out just under 3 quarts.

If that is the situation, wave bye-bye to Mr. Jeep. He is not long for this Earth.

In the meantime, get in the habit of checking the oil every 500 miles or so (on every vehicle you own for the rest of your life) and top it off to the full level on the dipstick.

You might also try an oil additive (STP Engine Stop Leak or some such product) to try to swell the seals and try to get some more mileage out of it. Sort of a “Hail Mary” pass with seconds on the clock.

Are you saying you never add oil between changes?? Just let it get lower and lower until you change it?

Well I did the first round because I didn’t know it was losing the oil, but now I am stocked with oil at home to top it off every so often