Car uses quart of oil every 1000 miles

Volvo with 205000 miles on it that is 205 thousand

is it normal burn oil??

1qt/1000 miles is the limit of normal(by car makers) on a new car under warranty.

Yes it’s normal. And that’s doin’ pretty good with that many miles.

Did you know that many vehicle manufacturers consider a quart of oil every thousand miles as normal consumption on their new vehicles?


Yes, like they said. Just keep track of it, if it goes up significantly you’ll be needing a new (or used) engine.

Unless you’ve already had the engine rebuilt, yes, this is normal oil consumption for an engine with over 200K miles.

Keep checking the oil, and add as necessary.

Happy motoring.

Was it using that much oil 100k miles before??

Is this a sudden increase in oil consumption?

Many people say and believe it is normal…Maybe it is for the cars they drive…I’ve NEVER seen it in any vehicle I’ve owned (except my Vega). Daughter is still driving my old 98 Pathfinder with over 340k miles…Uses less then 1/2 pint every 5k miles…So 1 quart every 1k miles seems awfully excessive to me.

This is the first car i ever had use oil
it has done this consistently since 45ooo miles. never more never less.

So it wasn’t burning oil BEFORE 45k miles???

Just keep driving and checking the oil. Depending on where you live , you might go to a slightly heavier grade of oil. For instance, it you live in Florida, a 15W40 would be a good choice. Just don’t visit you aunt in Minnesota in January with this oil in the crankcase.

To start tinkering with a Volvo at that age and mileage will cost you a fortune.

I don’t know anything about a volvo, so this might sound stupid. But does this car have a PCV? Possitive Crankcase ventilation valve? Now if so take it out and shake it. If it rattles then it is good. But for the cost I would replace it. This does cause oil usage. Hope this helps. I didn’t see anyone else suggesting it.