Jeep comander 5.7hemi oil consumption name is matheo. From Poland. I wants buy comander engine 5.7 is nice car. Found and buy this car from canada. Car have a 140.000 miles and i have questions. My engine have mopara 5w20 mds oil. Oil fuel and make 1000-1200 mil and my engine consumption 100ml oil. That’s problem or not problem? That’s problem or ok? Why consumption oil this engine?

A little difficult to read - are you saying the engine uses 100 ml of oil in 1000 to 1200 miles? 100 mL is 1/10 of one liter of oil. That is 1 liter of oil in 10,000 miles - very good!

If you mean 1 liter of oil in 1000 to 1200 miles then I would say that is still OK for a 140,000 mile 5.7 V8 engine. Check the oil every time you fill it with petrol so it doesn’t run low.

It uses that much oil because it is a very large engine and it has 140,000 miles. These engines have had problems with greater than average oil use.


thank you for the information. It slept 100-150ml of oil for about 1200mil about 2500 km. What is the order? My Mercedes w204 for 7,000 miles burns 200ml of oil. You help me check history car im canada? Becouse i dont have document for car. Inspection oil,

Friend,consumption oil 0-1200 mil its 100-150ml oil that’s good oraz problem?

No one on this forum can do that . Contact who ever you bought this vehicle from . All you can do is keep the oil level at full and drive this thing as long as you can.

I bought a car from a trader who imports cars from USA and Canada. Why does he drink oil?

It doesn’t matter. If an (any) engine is consuming 100 - 150 ml of for every 1200 miles (1930 km.) it’s doing fine.
Another thing is that I cannot believe that it is financially viable from any point of veiw to import a (any car) Jeep from Canada to Poland with 225000 km’s on the clock unless it’s a desireable classic.

Asterix , I also thought that did not make any sense at all . You might know but I suspect any work or parts for this thing are going to be a problem.

I have a 2009 Dodge Challenger with the same 5.7L Hemi V8. Has about 128K miles on it, and the engine uses about a quart of oil every 6000 miles. I gather this is pretty typical for the engine. I just keep it topped off with oil as needed.

in Poland, the buyers of American cars do not pay much. They are two or three times more expensive than the imported car. The second thing is the commander in Poland is not very accessible. They are beautiful big cars and they are not there. The jeep that came to me from Canada is 2009 5.7 hemi trail edition, I think. Parts are but expensive. In USA you have all the cheaper.

I’m not so sure about that, but he is in for a nasty surprise come paying time for repair and maintenance. It might be just as expensive for the Jeep as it will be for the MB

what repairs? is it that the engine is drinking 150ml of oil for 1200mil, is there a general engine repair for me?

received_1972775549506605 that’s my jeep. Not nad.

Ehhh, what? You are contradicting Yourself. Either that or I’m confused. Well. I might be anyway.

And that’s how it’s gonna stay the whole way.

So You got a wrecked one to top it off with.
You give the wording “not bad” a whole new meaning.
For You, I hope You got it REALLY cheap as that vehicle is gonna turn into a money pitt.
Best wishes from DK

Can you explain why I deny? this car cost me 12,000 with fees and repair. Damaged bumper mask and fender. The rest is ok. As you want to buy a commnader in Poland from 1 owner is a minimum of 15,000 and so you are not sure what you will buy.Asterix and where are you from? Parts for jeep are cheap and expensive. Droogies are downloaded by companies. I also have a Jeep wrangler YJ 4.0 a few years USA version and rides. I can put the picture as you want

What do You deny?

To difficult for me to make any sense of.

Can somebody explain to this stupid dane what a “droogie” is?

why do you insult me?

You are not being insulted . Your posts are just difficult to understand . Your purchase of this vehicle is a little hard to understand why you would do it. Your oil consumption does not sound that bad for a 10 year old vehicle of unknown history .
You should be talking to the dealer you bought this from but if it was a no warranty purchase then a forum like this can’t help you.

Are You replying to me? If You want to reply to a specific post, please click the reply button under the post, not the one at the bottom.
I’m sorry if You feel insulted, that has never been my intension and I apologise. I understand that english is not Your native language, but I/we have a very hard time understanding what You are writing. To understand each other is necessary for being able to try to give some help. Could it be that You have a friend, that could help You translate as I/we would gladly help. If just we could understand You.
And I’m from Denmark.

I just wanted to find out if the oil consumption is normal. I bought this car because it is very difficult to buy a technically efficient car with us. Here I know that the meter is original. We will buy a car with us and it will have 100,000 miles and in reality it has 300 and you will only repair it. This jeep from Canada is technically ok. The engine is a chest of bridges. The interior is great and the seats are inches. As for 140 thousand miles, it is in the middle of me 80,000. My enhlish not good and i use translator. Asterix you say for me stupid