New Miata Soft Top that Leaks :-(

Last year, I replaced my original equipment 1993 Miata vinyl soft top with a top-of-the-line Robbins zipperless Suncast canvas roof with rain rails…installed by a Robbins certified installer. It leaks worse than the old one that had holes in it and has since installation. The leaks are in the corners behind each seat where the rain rails are supposed to channel the water out of the car. I have brought it back to the installer, but to no avail. I am certain it was installed incorrectly and I would like to tell the installer how to fix it. HELP!! I am very soggy!!!

That sounds like they did not do a good job installing it or the drain(s) are clogged.

I replaced the top on my Miata. It tool me a very long hard weekend. It involved a lot of hard work and detail, but nothing was all that complex. I could see where it would be very easy to do something “good enough” only to find it was not.

I used a Robbins top and it was top quality IMO.

So the only thing I could think of to tell them is to make sure those drains are clear and nothing on the top is blocking the water flow. You might try contacting Robbins and see if they can make some suggestions.

In any case it is an issue for Robbins and the installer to work out. It is not really your job to figure out what went wrong or how to fix it, it is their job to do that, it’s your job to tell them what you have observed.

Good Luck. Great car.

The installer has to correct this. If not, you need to take your complaint to the manufacturer directly and ask for a company rep to inspect the top. Don’t wait; the longer you delay, the weaker your position.

Thanks very much. I did not know about the drains. I found them and it turns out that they were, in fact, clogged. I unclogged them. Now I am just waiting for the next rain to see what happens. :slight_smile: